Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy November! Yes, I know it's been awhile...

First off, let me just say that I know it has been awhile.  There has been much going on in my world.  The months of September/October were rough months for our family.  My mom fell and, ultimately, broke her back.  She had a compression fracture in her back, but after 2 visits to the ER, they sent her home.  They even did a CT scan the first visit and they said she only had bumps and bruises.  I am so annoyed over that, but moving on...we ultimately brought her to a hospital down closer to where I live.  They did an MRI and discovered that she had not one, but TWO compression fractures in her back.  She underwent a less invasive back surgery and seems to be doing better pain wise.

My weight loss over the last little bit has been hit and miss, but I continue to go to my Weight Watcher meetings.  Here is a little something else that I decided to do for the month of October...I was determined to hit 10,000 steps per day EVERYDAY. I am proud to say that this past Monday October 27th started week 5 of my 10,000 per day.  I am pretty proud of myself for that.  It is amazing how much a streak motivates you to continue to move even when you really don't feel like it.  I didn't want to feel like I'd put so much work in and then lost it.  This month, I've decided to follow Leslie Sansone's Just Walk 30 Day Calendar that came with the Walk It Off in 30 Days kit.  So on top of the 10,000 per day, I will also do whatever workout is called for on the calendar.  My goal for this is that I have already put it on my calendar as an "All Day" task when it's done, I will move it to my "Workout Calendar" to show that I have done it.  I know it is going to be extra work, but I feel like this is something that I need to do for myself.  DH and I made the decision to give up our gym memberships.  I haven't been going and given the situation with my Mom, I'm not sure I can plan to go anytime soon.  If I change my mind about the gym, I can always sign up to use the one at my office OR we can sign up for a gym again.  I am determined to get this weight off and get to my goal.  It won't happen overnight and I know this.  There will be ups and downs and I know this too, but this is for me.  My husband and family love me no matter what weight I am, but I choose me.  I choose me to be happy and healthy and live a long happy life with my family.  If anyone wants to join me, let me know.  I'd be glad to have a "buddy". 

A non-weight loss related goal is to set myself up for a streak for brushing my teeth at night.  I know it sounds bad, but I have never been a brush your teeth morning and night kind of gal.  I know I need to, but I just don't.  My body gets tired and I just don't put forth the effort to do it.  With all the money we are paying for these teeth, I really should take better care of them.  So far, I've got one day on this streak (I brushed last night), but I would like to start this and hopefully it will work for me the same way the 10,000 steps per day has.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Ramblings

Sometimes we get complacent and old habits creep in...not always good ones.  During these times, we need to refocus on what we need to do if we truly want to hit our goals.  As I was watching Biggest Loser (I know I said I wouldn't watch again) on Hulu, I heard Bob say something that resonated with me.  He said: "Your mind has got to be clear. Your mind has got to be the strongest part of your body right now, because all the obstacles are happening from the neck down. Get your mind straight. Think about what you want."  As often as I have read that your brain is the strongest muscle in helping or hindering you on this journey, I just sat there in was my lightbulb moment.  I need to get out of my own head and betraying my body.  If I am going to make it to my weight loss goal, I need to continue to take steps that will get me there.  Since I am doing Weight Watchers, I have decided that I am going to try to focus on the Power Foods and do Simply Filling for several days in a row.  I want to plan some meals and make sure that I am taking care of me.  I know this journey is not going to be perfect and the weight will not come off immediately.  I didn't gain it overnight so I can't expect to lose it that way either.

Although I said I wouldn't watch Biggest Loser this season, I thought I would watch the first one to see what it was all about.  Honestly, they changed it up this season and are training all former athletes.  Some were playing professional sports, some were playing his high school and college, but they are trying to tap into their competitive spirit again.  Let's be honest, we all have a competitive spirit.  Sometimes we just need to engage it.  I am trying to remember that it isn't about being better than someone else, but about being a better ME.  I am the only person that I can truly compete with on a level playing field.

I was also reminded that we are not promised tomorrow.  I have had one friend post that she lost her brother in law and another in a group that I am in post that she lost her husband.  Another friend has lost her mother.  Life is precious.  I don't want to wake up consistently with regrets, nor do I want to get to the end of my life and wonder why I never did X.  I am a beautiful masterpiece just trying to get out of my own way and find myself again.  

Why do I continue to fight for my weight loss?  I want to be the mom that does things, not the mom that has a migraine or doesn't feel good.  I want to be able to climb the mountain that I had trouble with on my honeymoon.  I want to go for walks and feel comfortable in my own skin.  For me, it isn't being's about being healthy.  Being thinner will be a pleasant side effect.

Oh, and so it's said, I had some knee problems (still do, but trying to push through) but this week I am back to my cycling addiction!  I am trying to focus on what I eat.

Goals this week: Get to a class at least once.  Try to strength train a little this week.  Track what I eat.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DEAR CONCERNED NEIGHBOR...take a moment to see his perspective...

For those of you on my FB page, you know I have been on my weight loss journey for longer than I'd care to admit.  However, I was SADDENED and OUTRAGED when I saw this earlier.  I am sad for this neighbor who clearly thinks that this man who according to the post has lost 80 pounds before this letter was received.

I was outraged because clearly this man has made himself a priority and is working on taking back his health.  Kudos to him and his weight loss efforts!  It sounds as if he is well on his way to taking back his life.  I am proud for him and of him for his efforts.

To the neighbor that wrote this mean spirited letter, you may never have had a weight problem or financial problems, etc., but I am sure there is something that you have struggled with.  I suspect that you have had a child, mother, cousin, father, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, best friend, or even adopted family that may have had a weight loss problem.  To truly solve this problem, it is a struggle and for many it is an addiction to food just like people are addicted to drugs or alcohol.  I know this struggle can be hard to imagine if you have never fought this battle yourself.  You spew your cruelty like venom and I know I don’t have to wish for karma to come back to you because the Bible clearly says that you will reap what you sow. 

I sincerely hope that this man continues on his weight loss journey and regains his health.  I hope that he continues to run outside, if that is the exercise that he chooses to pursue.  And when you see him running, don’t watch if you don’t want to see him getting stronger and taking back his life.  He is AMAZING and strong and courageous to embark upon this journey at all.  To see what he has accomplished so far, I applaud him for his efforts!  Keep moving forward!   

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?

I have felt a little disconnected lately.  I think part of it is because I failed to track for a few days and pain/stress, etc. just got in the way of what I was trying to do.  I’ve really had to remind myself over the last few days, seemingly since weigh in, that I am not in this to be perfect.  The only perfect person that walked the earth was Jesus Christ and I am certainly not on the same as Him.  What I can do is do the best I can with what I have each day and make the best choice I can.  Like Saturday evening, after our church service at our new start up church, they announced that they were going to dinner.  DH decided we had to go because he hadn’t been to that restaurant in ages.  I know that Mexican food is a weakness for me.  While I know I probably ate more tortilla chips than I should have, but it seemed to take forever to get our food because of our large group.  Ultimately, though, I am not displeased with my choices while there (aside from the chips) because DH and I split our meal instead of trying to eat a meal by myself.   I did have too many chips and queso as well, but I can't change it.  I can only move forward.

I think sometimes I overwhelm myself with all the things that I want to do/learn/haven’t done in years and want to do again and I try to take them all on at one time.  Sometimes I need to remember that I don’t have enough time to do everything at one time, but I can set aside a time slot to renew my passion for whatever it is…sewing, crocheting, embroidering, etc.  I have enough time to do everything I want…just not at the same time.  I have gone back to putting things in my day runner or on my calendar in Google…or both. 

Do you ever feel like that?  Like you have so many things you want to do and you just want to do it all right now?  One step at a time, right?  We can’t be perfect at everything…most times, I’m not perfect at anything, but if I am improving, that’s a positive.

I have decided to start another 100 day challenge.  I am still learning about myself, but I am a work in progress.  My goals are similar to what they were before.  I am trying to include some Bible study in there as well.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014


I have been trying to do a bit of soul searching of late.  There have been some crises (minor, but it seemed worse at the time) that I have had to deal with that have sort of prompted this current bit of soul searching.  If you have met me in person or gotten to know me through the internet, email, etc. I am a positive person…a Pollyanna, if you will.  I try to always see the positive side of things and honestly, the glass is half full 90% of the time.  I have noticed that while I can “Pollyanna” my way through a lot with my friends and family, I am not always so nice to myself.  I have learned a lot while on this journey, which often times seems like a roller coaster ride, about myself and what I need to do and what works for me with my weight loss journey and just me as a person.  It is beneficial for me to make lists and schedules, but I have to remember that sometimes life happens and I can’t blame myself for those moments when I can’t make it to water aerobics or whatever.  There are things that I used to have difficulty having around me and could not portion out no matter how hard I tried, but I can now.  Although from time to time, there are still moments I want to eat all of the things!  Anyone have any suggestions on allowing myself to be Pollyanna even with myself?  

Friday, May 30, 2014

Thursday, May 29th Weigh in Update

Yesterday was a bit crazy.  My mother has been running a fever but we don’t yet know why.  Hopefully we will find out today.  She called me this morning and seems to be feeling better.  DD12 had her talent show last night.  We are gearing up for her last week of elementary school.  DS14 is finishing out middle school next week as well.  You would think this would not be so emotional for me since I already have one that has graduated, but it totally is emotional for me.

Getting to my weigh in, I maintained this week.  Considering I went a little crazy a couple of times with pizza, etc. over the holiday weekend.  I do feel better going into the week because I have an idea of what to cook and when I can get meals cooked in advance.  I am trying to prepare my meal plan up to a week and a half out so that I can’t really make excuses.  Goals for this week:  Preparing at least 2 meals in advance and tracking EVERYTHING.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I volunteered to co-organize a charity walk for Conquer Chiari again this year.  Last night, we had a fundraising event at McAlister’s Deli.  I probably ate more PointsPlus than I would care to admit, but I didn’t eat all 49 of my extras and I did track it.  For that reason alone, I feel positive about how I did yesterday.  I have dinner ready for tonight; it just needs to be warmed up.  I have already tracked everything for today and still have a couple of PointsPlus remaining.  I did wind up with a migraine yesterday, I think mostly due to the weather.  I am definitely going to try to fix another casserole tonight so I can stay at least one meal ahead…or maybe two.  I haven’t decided if I am going to fix the cheeseburger and tot casserole or the Mexican Lasagna.  Either way, I entered the recipes into the trackers.

Anyone have any suggestions for good audiobooks?  I enjoy listening to them when I am at work.  It helps the day go by.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday, May 27th

“Forget yesterday - it has already forgotten you. Don't sweat tomorrow - you haven't even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift - today.”  Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Sometimes we tend to beat ourselves up over what we have done in the past, but truth be told, we cannot change it.  I can’t honestly say that I am always happy with where I am on the scale, but it is a reflection of what I did the week before.  Honestly, no matter what the scale says if I don’t change what I didn’t do well the week before, the scale may not change for me.  So I am focusing on small goals and trying to get back to where I know I need to be.  Focusing on meal planning and if I can do this for a week or week and a half and buy groceries for those meals, I should definitely be on the right track.  This is not always easy, but it is necessary.  Not just for my weight loss journey, but for my money saving goals as well.  I am feeling pretty good about the headway I’m making with saving money, but that is a work in progress as well.

I did prepare the breakfast burritos and the spinach lasagna rollups.  I am hoping to get a meal or two prepared in advance so all we have to do is heat them up instead of trying to cook everything.  My ultimate goal is to try to prepare multiple meals on the weekend so that we don’t have to cook during the week.  I know it will be less expensive for us if I do that in advance because we will be less likely to give in to eating out because no one feels like cooking.

Monday, May 26, 2014

It's a new week!

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.”
William W. Purkey

I read this quote this morning and it reminded me of the friends I have lost in the past 12 months and that I need to live my best life now.  I can’t expect things to change for me with my health or with the goals that I have set for myself if I don’t do something to make it happen. 

Honestly, a friend recommended “The Diet Fix” to me and it has really made me take stock of what I want to do and that I need to escape the diet mentality and focus on making the positive changes.  Some of these things I was trying to make an effort to do anyway.  Making no single food “off limits” and for me, not having beef is just not an option.  I grew up on beef/red meat so I will have chicken and turkey, but I can’t just take ground beef out of my meal plan because then I just feel deprived.  I do choose the lower fat cuts of beef.

We’ve gone through some changes in my house of late which I think has thrown me off my game a bit.  So I did my grocery shopping and am putting some meals together to make sure that we have no excuses this week on whether or not we stay “on plan”.  This is something that I have to do for myself because I refuse to keep paying for Weight Watchers and have the scale go in the wrong direction.  I am enjoying trying new recipes.  Some are becoming new family favorites and others are not, but it’s fun to try something new.

Goal for this week:

Get my lunch and snacks prepared.
Get my breakfast burritos prepared in advance.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 64 of my 100 Day Challenge and Weigh in Update

I know I have really been slacking on writing the blogs and keeping everyone updated.  We've had a lot going on around here.  DS13, whose birthday is today so he will now be referred to as DS14, went to California for the World Championships in Robotics.  So much preparation for that, reservations to be made, etc.  I am not going to lie, I really started having a bad case of the "I don't want tos".  And I had to have a "Come to Jesus" meeting with myself and determine what I really and truly don't want.  I have been on this journey for longer than I would care to admit to myself, but while at my WW meeting the other night, I did admit it to a girl that has been coming.  The other part of this is that we had a very nice member from another meeting come to our meeting.  He has lost 210 pounds.  Again, I was reminded that just because I don't track it, it doesn't mean I didn't eat it.  The only person I cheat when I do that is ME.  So I have really been trying to go back to what I know works.  I am meal planning, trying some new recipes to put into the rotation.  It has made a difference.  I have been watching some videos on YouTube regarding meal planning and getting recipe inspiration and motivation from others who are working the program as well.

Speaking of, I did want to share one thing I "threw together" the other night for dinner.  We had 2 Boboli Whole Wheat Pizza crusts that we had purchased at the Mrs. Baird's Bread store and I didn't want them to go bad before we used them.  So using some of the videos I had seen as inspiration, I used both 12" crusts and made what I am calling a Mexican Pizza.

2 Boboli Wheat Crusts
1 can of fat free Refried Beans
1 can of diced chilis
1 can of diced Fire Roasted Tomatoes
2 packages (6 oz each) of the Simple Truth Beef Fajita meat
2 cups of Mexican blend cheese
On on of the pizzas, I put 1 cup of frozen bell pepper and onion blend.

I just warmed the refried beans in the microwave and then mixed in the tomatoes and chilis (I know I could have used Rotel, but I opened the wrong can) into the refried beans.  I spooned half of the mixture onto each crust and then topped each crust with one package of the fajita meat and added a little cheese on top.  It was SUPER filling and very tasty. 

The whole family gave it 2 thumbs up and requested that it be added into the meal planning rotation.  There were leftovers.  I was very excited that inspiration struck and I was able to make something so tasty for my family.

Okay, now to the really exciting part (well, exciting for me).  As you can see below, I weighed in at 186 on Thursday.  I was reminded when I looked at my calendar/white board by my bed this morning that I had set my mini-goal at 185.  That means I am one pound away.  I have had some difficulty getting past this point for some time, but I have really noticed that things are changing in my head.  My mindset is different.  Being part of the Spring 5% challenge is helping because I have a team relying on me to do my part AND there is a different goal each week.  I am hoping to hit my mini-goal this Thursday so I can move on to the next one...which I think will probably be 180.  I think the smaller goals are helping me.

Weigh-in the Thursday before Starting the Challenge: 189.6
Current weigh in: 186
Loss: 3.6 pounds

Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 49 of my 100 day challenge

So I am checking in after my weigh in last night…and I lost the 5.2 that I gained the week before.  Still not certain how that gain happened in the first place, but I am thankful for the loss.  I am trying to be more diligent in my tracking.  Also, I have been looking for some new recipes.  I found a girl on youtube (WeightWatchergirl1) and she has some great recipes on there.  I am excited to try a few of them out…well, minus the sloppy joes because I had a bad experience with sloppy joes as a child and I just won’t eat them.

Also, let’s be honest, I have been told repeatedly that I dress frumpy or older than I actually am, etc.  I was raised Pentecostal so I dress modestly compared to many people.  I don’t like to wear skirts too short, etc.  I know that it probably doesn’t help me look any taller or anything, but I prefer to maintain my modesty.  I told a friend that I would go to a personal shopper after we hit our weight loss goals, but I am concerned that I won’t be able to find a personal shopper that will respect my modesty standards.  I think I will have to do some major research into this topic.  I did find some Pentecostal woman on YouTube that have “lookbooks” etc. which I think will help a great deal while I am on my journey.  I think if I can get my maxi skirts hemmed up (I have to get the thread and change out my needle on the machine), but as I am vertically challenged pretty much everything needs to be hemmed.  While I am on this journey, I have decided that I need to pick up a couple of things that I saw in the videos (or things similar) that I can add to my current wardrobe to help  me be a little more fashionable right now while I am still losing.

Hope everyone has a blessed day and a wonderful weekend!

Weigh-in the Thursday before Starting the Challenge: 189.6
Current weigh in: 186.6
Loss: 3.0 pounds

Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 42 of my 100 Day Challenge

As of last night at my weigh in, I gained 5.2 pounds over last week’s weigh in.  I am upset by this, more than I can really express.  I have been walking 10,000 steps or more per day and trying to eat well.  I can honestly say after looking back at my food logs, I probably did not have enough veggies and fruits everyday and several days I was slightly below my calorie range (even the 1200 mark, if I’m honest).  I didn’t eat anything crazy this week.  I didn’t have any sodas and was, in fact, pretty proud of the fact that I was hitting 10,000 steps most days including Sunday, which I normally take as a rest day.  I came home, depressed, as you can imagine and promptly started making my meal plan for the coming week.  I normally sit down with everyone and discuss it, but I decided that I couldn’t wait for everyone else, so I started going through the recipe book (I print off recipes and put them in a binder) aside from my cookbooks that I have and started marking stuff and making a grocery list.  I know this is going to help me going into the next week.  I am just having trouble getting past this gain and moving forward.  I have not had a gain like this in some time.  I know I am more than the number on the scale and I need to keep that in mind this week when I am trying to move forward to do what I need to do to be a healthier me.  Anyone have any suggestions on shaking this off?

Here’s what I know I have been doing fairly well:

  1. drinking my water (8 -8oz cups of water or more)
  2. Getting in at least 15 minutes of exercise, but oftentimes more than that.
  3. logging most of what I eat in either WW site or Sparkpeople, but I need to do both

Weigh-in the Thursday before Starting the Challenge: 189.6
Current weigh in: 191.8
Loss: -2.2 pounds

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 36/100 of my Personal Challenge

Yes, I know I have been lax again in my blogging. I think I was in a bad mindset. I had 2 weeks of gains, they were both less than a pound, but equaled a pound. I think that it was the not eating thing, but I managed to lose 2 pounds this week. Not quite sure how, but I am thankful for it. Today starts a new challenge for the next 8 weeks. My goal in the next 8 weeks is to lose 9.3 pounds, which is about 1.2 pounds per week. I know I can do it. I think this will definitely help me to focus on more active rest days on the weekends. I was reminded by a friend on another board about using the library as a source for the audiobooks again. I think that I may try that to help me get through my time on the machines at the gym. The other plan I have is to make sure that I prepare my salads for lunch this week (we got salad mix with Greenling this week) and I'm going to make use of it...aside from just having sandwiches. I think I am getting in a food rut and I need to get out of it. Meal planning is back in full force this week, along with planning my workouts. I am looking forward to some planned activity this week.  

I am curious, do any of you have a meal plan rotation to keep you from getting in a food rut?  I'm trying to figure out how that works.  I know I have a tendency to get in a food rut and it makes things hard for my whole family because then I am tired of eating at home.  The other thing I know I need to do is to enter all my recipes in my SparkPeople and in Weight Watchers so that I can make sure that I am tracking appropriately.

Okay, while the boys are gone, I think I will get in a workout...maybe some yoga since I've been fighting with some muscle spasms.

Weigh-in the Thursday before Starting the Challenge: 189.6
Current weigh in: 186.6
Loss: 3.0 pounds

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 26 of my 100 Day Challenge

I will likely see a loss on the scale this week…thanks to the dentist. Yep, I have mouth pain again. They were trying to remove the temporary crowns and although it hurt, I thought I could suck it up because they would pop off in a minute. Yeah, not so much…those temporary crowns did not want to come off. The dentist came in and looked at them and they have decided to wait for 2 more weeks because my teeth were so tender. I can’t say that I’m not frustrated because I would be lying to myself and everyone else. It frustrates me when I can’t floss between all of my teeth. I wound up taking the first pain pill but when it didn’t help, I did take second one. Then my annoying friend “Insomnia” showed up. Not the way I wanted to spend my night/morning. I didn’t make it for my date with my boyfriend “GYM”, but I’ll definitely work on getting some extra steps in today to try to make up for it. Just hoping I can get in enough calories when I am not able to eat much. So today’s SparkCoach topic for me was about overcoming the “all or nothing” attitude. I have been on this journey for longer than I’d care to admit. What I can say is that it has honestly taken me YEARS to overcome this attitude and there are still days when it is trying for me. What I have come to realize though is that I did not put this weight on and become this unhealthy overnight. This also is a great reminder for other areas in my life. I can’t expect things to change overnight, including my mindset about certain things. I am learning that some change is definitely good. Just a little something else too because it is on my heart today, I just wanted to say that I am blessed beyond belief with the support that I am receiving since starting this challenge. Not just from my Sparkfriends/online friends, but also from family and friends.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 20 of my 100 Day Personal Challenge…Am I addicted?

So tonight is weigh in and, again, I have no idea what to expect. I have been doing better with my food and only having a splurge here and there. I guess one of the main reasons that I am unsure what to expect is that I have gone to the gym every day this week except Tuesday. My “dates” with my boyfriend Gym are getting more consistent. I love how I feel going through the day knowing that I started my day right. I have also noticed that I am feeling more rested when I get up. I do try to get 8 hours of sleep at least…and sometimes I go to bed at the same time as my two younger children because I want to make sure I can get to sleep to get at least 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep. Here’s what I have been doing to sort of insure I don’t have an excuse not to go to the gym. I have been laying my clothes out at night at the end of my bed (socks, undergarments, etc.) with my sneakers where I can find them. When my alarm goes off at 5 a.m., I can grab my stuff and start putting it on because I already know where it is and what it is I am going to wear. No searching through the dresser drawers and waking up the entire household. I truly feel like I am making progress. My sweet DH advised me last night that he just couldn’t sleep through my alarm…my response? Why not get up and go to the gym with me? It’ll make you feel better! So this morning, I did allow a 5 minute snooze, but then I said come on honey, it’s time to get up. So I drug him with me this morning on my date with Gym. I let him choose which gym we went to between the gym I go to on Monday Wednesday and Friday or one that is closer. He chose the one that is closer. Downside is that they don’t have an ARC trainer so I used the elliptical. I can feel the difference in my knees and low back today vs. yesterday. I am still proud that I stayed on there for 30 minutes. He was concerned the kids didn’t get up, so I didn’t get on the bike at all, just stretched and headed home. I still have a Grey’s Anatomy episode to catch up on so I’m gathering I will have at least an hour of the upper lower body cycle or walking. As for this addiction, let me start by saying that I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing. I have noticed this week (especially on Tuesday when I didn’t go to the gym) that I am really wanting to see the number increase on my trackers. I want to see it close to 10,000 if not higher than 10,000. I don’t think I have really felt this way since I first got my first FitBit almost 3 years ago. I am excited to see where the number is by the time I get home. I enjoy seeing how high I am in the ranking. I think part of it is different for me now because I want it to be a higher number earlier in the day…even if I go take a class in the evening. I think this is part of the reason that I am motivated to keep my dates with my “boyfriend” Gym. Admittedly, I wish more gyms had early morning classes that are not boot camps, especially the YMCA locations in the metroplex. To my knowledge, out of the ones close to me, the Lake Highlands YMCA is the only one with the early morning classes that aren’t bootcamps. I will definitely fill you in tomorrow as to where my weigh in fell. I’m not worried either way because I am proud of what I have done this week.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 19 of my 100 Day No Excuses Challenge

So this morning when I was going through the SparkCoach tasks, Becky Hand was discussing your “Happy Weight”. She defines this as not being about a chart or graph or some magical number that you have in your head for years. This really made me start to think. I talked to my doctor awhile back about my goal weight for Weight Watchers. I told her that I honestly didn’t think that I could get to the ideal weight of 96 to 120 pounds. We agreed on 135. She indicated that it would not put me in a healthy BMI range. Honestly, I can remember being 125 when I got pregnant with my son and felt pretty good at that weight. Sadly, even smaller than that, I thought I was fat back then, but my body honestly seemed comfortable at 19 years old at 125. This is a journey and I’m fully aware of this. I’ll see where my body is comfortable and how I feel. What I do know for sure is that any loss of any percentage of my body mass right now, is a step in the right direction and will give me great health benefits. I went out for dinner with friends last night to celebrate my birthday with them AND it was their last night in Texas. They are moving to Florida. In the spirit of honesty, I probably overdid it. My family split a large Caesar salad 4 ways and I probably only ate half the lasagna and maybe half my dessert (which was AMAZING)! I stopped when my body said ENOUGH, so in that regard I am proud of myself. In order to offset some of those calories, I did an hour on the bike yesterday while catching up on Castle. This morning, I headed to the gym to get my workout on. My personal trainer/dear friend teaches a class there on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings so he holds me accountable. I checked in with him about the time he was starting class and then jumped on the Arc Trainer. I had not tried this before, but it is supposed to be no impact. I have to admit that I loved it! I truly believe that my body could tell the difference between that and the Elliptical I did on Monday. I did 30 minutes on that and then 10 minutes on the bike. I still have an hour of walking or biking in order to catch up on one of my shows. While I was headed home from the gym this morning, a song came on that I hadn’t really listened to in a while. Broken, by Seether (featuring Amy Lee) came on my ipod. I heard this part: 'Cause I'm broken when I'm open And I don't feel like I am strong enough 'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome And I don't feel right when you're gone away When I heard the part that says I don’t feel like I am strong enough, I realized that I didn’t for the longest time. I didn’t think I was strong enough to deal with my past issues that were holding me back from what I wanted. You know what? I AM strong enough to take back my health and deal with my past issues that are holding me back. I held on to relationships that were not good for me. Even though I may have loved that person, they didn’t love me back the way I deserved. Is that my fault? No, it was not but I deserved more. I found that in my husband. I am so thankful for him. He accepts me as I am no matter what my weight or faults or flaws. He loves me. I accept him despite his faults or flaws. I appreciate each of you as well for your support.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Weigh in Update and Day 14 of my 100 Day No Excuses Personal Challenge

I must admit that I am feeling frustrated this week.  I tried to push myself last week to getting to the gym and wind up with an upper respiratory infection which has had me knocked out most of this week.  I am not going to let it stop me though.  I am more determined than ever to make sure that I do what I need to do to not fail myself on this challenge.  That is the thing about this…whether I do workout or follow my meal plan, the one person that it really affects…is ME. 

What have I accomplished since starting this challenge 14 days ago?  I am listening to my body.  I stop when I am feeling full and don’t push myself to clean my plate.  Yes, I am a clean plate club member.  I don’t know if it was only the time I grew up in.  I am not pushing myself when my body says STOP, I need to rest.  I’d feel so much better about working out right now, if I could NOT hear myself every time I breathe.  My chest seems to be rumbling every time I breathe.  I am hoping that the antibiotics kick in soon.

Plans for the coming week?  I am still planning my meals and my workouts.  I know it may sound like a frivolous activity right now since I’m not feeling 100%, but I am trying to make it a habit. 

This is MY journey and it’s MY life and MY challenge for me.  I will not allow myself to continue down a path that is self destructive.  This means I have to take responsibility for ME.  What I eat, what I drink, when I exercise, etc.  This is all about what works for me and my body.  I can’t guarantee that what works for me is going to work for everyone since we are all individuals, but I know nothing will work if I don’t try it.

Oh and for what it is worth, I did manage to lose 0.2 this week.  Considering I couldn’t do much after Sunday, I will take it.

Weigh-in the Thursday before Starting the Challenge: 189.6
Current weigh in: 187.6
Loss: 2.0 pounds

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 12 of 100 Day No Excuses Challenge

Well, you may have noticed that I have been MIA for the last couple of days. This was not by choice. I woke up Sunday feeling under the weather but was really hoping that a day of rest would help me to feel better by Monday. On the contrary, however, I woke up Monday feeling like I had been run over by a MAC truck and they backed up a time or two just to make sure. I suspect that it is allergies that have turned into an infection of some sort…especially when I started noticeably running a fever. I listened to my body and literally did not move (other than to go down the hall) and stayed in bed. This means that no exercise or workouts were done. This was NOT the way I intended to start the week…or get through the first month of my challenge, but it was a sure reminder that I can plan all I want to, but my body has the ultimate control. I’m not sure I feel up to doing a full on workout today, but I am hoping that I can at least get 15 minutes on the upper/lower body cycle just to get my body moving. As I was listening to SparkPeople Radio earlier, I was reminded that sometimes you just need to listen to your body and not force things. Plans for the remainder of the week? Focus on taking care of me. I definitely want to try to get in a walk or two, but I am not going to push myself if I don’t feel up to it.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 9 of my 100 Day No Excuses Personal Challenge

Well, last night was a rough night.  I want to do nothing more than lay down.  We had a dog that did nothing but cry all night long.  Sadly, I don’t think it is the new dog, but one of the other ones and then the oldest dog starts barking because the younger dog is getting on her nerves.  DH goes in to check out the situation, Daisy (my oldest dog) makes a mad dash out of the kitchen (which is where we keep them).  I know good decisions are not always made when one is tired.  Thankful for my meal plan.  We are having beans and special cornbread tonight.  I did wake up this morning feeling bad.  I have a bit of a sore throat and I feel like one of the 7 Dwarfs…I just can’t figure out if I am Sneezy, Sleepy or Droopy.  Oh and on a random side night, I got flour and gluten to make bread.  I am hoping it will be as much fun as I remember.

Yesterday was a fun day with the family.  We played games and learned a couple of news ones.  I love me some family time.  Unfortunately, not a lot of activity happened yesterday.  I’m so tired today that I’m not sure I feel up to doing much.

Random question, whether you do yoga or something else, how do you clean your yoga mat?   I found a DIY mat cleaner using tea tree oil and lavender.

Oh, since someone asked for my recipes.  I will share my crockpot meatloaf recipe. 

I use a pound of lean ground beef, about a 1/2 to 3/4 cup of whole wheat panko, 1 egg, 1/2 cup of each green bell pepper and onion and tomato sauce (I was putting a whole medium can on there).  I mix everything but the tomato sauce together and put it in the crockpot (with a crockpot liner for easy removal and cleaning), pour the tomato sauce over it and let it cook for 6 to 8 hours on low.  This is my new favorite way to make my meatloaf.  Dinner is halfway cooked by the time we get home! 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 8 of my 100 Day No Excuses Personal Challenge

Okay, so today is a week since I started my challenge. How am I feeling? I’m feeling pretty good actually. I’m getting into the habit of planning my activities. Meal planning is becoming more of an obstacle to do as a family. DH and I took on the task by ourselves. Here’s what I know, I definitely have to have a meal plan and a grocery list. I don’t want to go crazy with the Points so I’m trying to stick with the Simply Filling foods. I definitely see more salads/side salads in my future for this week. I may even try to throw together lasagna. I have seen several crockpot recipes or recipes that I know I can transform into crockpot recipes that I want to try. I am getting excited about cooking/baking again and I feel positive about that.

Goals for the week? Well, I have already said that I want to try to workout enough to not use the Weekly PointsPlus allowance. I don’t know that I can make that happen, but I’m going to try. I know eating more of the Simply Filling Power foods will definitely help. To that end, I have recruited the help/accountability assistance from my friend/personal trainer, Darryl. I don’t feel like I’m ready to jump in and take his class that he teaches on Monday Wednesday and Fridays at the YMCA, but I can go work on the elliptical while he’s teaching. This will definitely benefit me in a couple of ways. I get accountability AND I get a workout done first thing in the morning so if something else comes up, I get a migraine, etc., I’ve got at least one out of the way. I enjoy working out in the morning, or used to, I just need to make it a habit again. Besides, let’s be honest, the gym is not that full at 5:30 in the morning.

Oh, I know it may sound a little crazy, but I am SO EXCITED! I have a few times, hit 10,000 on my FitBit, but not on my Spark Activity Tracker. I hit over 10,000 on both yesterday! It was so nice to see that when I looked this morning. Granted the FitBit told me, but SPAT was still showing less than 10,000 when I looked because I had to reclassify a workout or two.

Anyone have big plans for “spring break”? We (my husband and I) have chosen to take off a couple of days so that we could spend some time doing something fun with our two younger ones. We may hit the flight museum, or spend some time at the park. But what I know is that no matter what we are doing, I’m going to try to get some activity in! Also, I need to get “geared” up for the walk that I am co-organizing in September. We are trying to get creative with what we are doing. We made hats for our team last year which seemed to be a big hit and everyone wanted one. So we decided we’d make more for this year and sell them. Money will go towards Chiari research. Off to get the day started!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Weigh in and Day 7 of my 100 Day No Excuses Personal Challenge

As I write this, I have to tell you I went into my Weight Watchers meeting thinking that I maintained at best. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had actually lost 1.8 pounds. Weigh-in the Thursday before Starting the Challenge: 189.6 Current weigh in: 187.8 Loss: 1.8 According to what I had set up for myself for the challenge: Lose 14 pounds to 28 pounds (Starting Weight: 189.2 [02/27/2014] End of challenge Goal: 175.2-161.2) Given that, I am off to a good start in the right direction. I am excited to see where the rest of this challenge will take me. My DH and I have struck a deal. He will let me try to do 2 classes (actually I guess it’s a class and a half) tonight and we’ll have pizza. My goal for the week is to try to stay ahead of the Weekly Points that I am using. It is definitely going to require some effort on my part, but I am excited about trying.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 6 of my 100 Day No Excuses Personal Challenge

I must admit that I sometimes feel it is a bit much for me to write about each day of the challenge, but at the same time, I feel like I should to hold myself accountable. Head was so bad last night that I pretty much went home and to bed. My sweet husband put dinner together for me and brought it to me. I am so blessed to have him. Although I don’t tell him nearly often enough how thankful I am for him. For the most part, I have an idea how to finish out the week. Whatever happens on the scale tonight, I have an idea of what needs to change for the coming week. While I had planned on having leftovers today for lunch (probably more PointsPlus than I should have been eating anyway), my plans got changed when I was offered something from outside the office. I opted for a mixed greens salad from Paradise Bakery. I did get ranch dressing, but I kept it on the side and just dipped which prevents me from using too much. For those of you that know me, you know that I enjoy baking and used to love (long before I got married) to bake bread. I started doing some searching on YouTube. I got some additional suggestions…BTW, did you know there is a “no knead” method to making bread? That is one of my favorite parts is the kneading. I get rid of some stress that way. Plus it feeds my family. I may have to whip up a loaf or 2 this weekend. Oh! Exercise for yesterday? 40 minutes on the upper/lower body cycle. Today I did an hour. I am going to try to stay ahead of how many Weekly Points I’m using just because I want to see if I can.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 5 of the 100 Day No Excuses Personal Challenge

Today is a new day. I realized after eating dinner and tracking my food that I have depleted my Weekly Points and my Activity Points. Admittedly, I felt like this was going to happen. What does it mean? That I’m going to have to workout in order to eat the foods that are going to cost me PointsPlus. Tonight my Weekly PointsPlus start over. In the coming week, I will need to be more careful of what I am spending my Weekly Points on. Honestly, as frustrated as I may be over that, I am proud of the fact that I have been tracking consistently. I feel like that is definitely a step in the right direction for me. In the past, I have tracked breakfast and lunch, but not dinner. Speaking of, I changed up my smoothie and put Greek Yogurt in it, along with some fat free organic milk, mixed berries, banana, flaxseed and protein powder. I have figured out that most of what goes in it, besides the protein powder is Power Foods. For lunch today, the plan is to have the Simple Start Tuna fish on a multi-grain sandwich thin with either some grape tomatoes or Green Giant veggies. Dinner tonight, we are talking about doing either chicken tacos or chicken burritos. Everything but the tortilla is on the Power Food list. While I'm being honest, I did have part of a Pepsi last night with dinner. My head was hurting so bad so I was hoping that some caffeine would help. I did have my second cup of tea yesterday (I normally have the one that is caffeinated in the afternoon) and I think that may have been part of it. Still fighting with a headache, but I did do some strength training last night with the band. Aside from the upper lower body cycle work I did earlier in the day. Plan for today, see if I can find some short workouts on YouTube and get some time on the upper/lower body cycle…and possibly a Leslie dvd later. I am hoping that next week I can start water aerobics because my feet and ankles have been bothering me. I did not try to do that this week because I had a mole removed last week and I was concerned about getting in chlorinated water when it wasn’t completely healed. It’s looking pretty good now and almost completely healed. Am I still excited about this challenge? Absolutely! I have barely gotten started and I know I’m making changes and creating new habits. Change can be a good thing, right?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 4 of the 100 Day No Excuses Personal Challenge

Admittedly, today is one of those days. I have a headache…it isn’t migraine status and to be honest, I think it is my allergies, but it is annoying as all get out.

Foodwise, it’s not been too bad. I did, however, splurge when my bosses came and asked me if I wanted Jersey Mike’s. I always get the same thing (#7 Turkey & Provolone Sub in a Tub, Mike’s Way). I’ve already calculated the PointsPlus value and it’s in my SparkPeople Tracker as well. I have been trying to be good about tracking my food even though I have mostly been following the Simply Filling Plan which allows you to only track your “extras”. I just feel more comfortable tracking. I changed my tracker to Simply Filling instead of counting PointsPlus. My Weekly PointsPlus allowance refreshes on Thursday (at 12:01 a.m.), but so far, it appears that I have definitely been dipping into my Activity Points as well.  Good thing I’ve been working out, right?

Exercise wise, I took a walk with my husband to get our lunch on Saturday. I went grocery shopping on  Sunday. Yesterday I did a 2 mile dvd at home.  Today I did 15 minutes on the upper lower body cycle while I was at work...not to mention that I walked to vote with DH...if you haven't seen the pictures from our wedding, he's 6'2" and I'm 4'10", so it's a trick to keep up with him.  I also walked in the office today as well.  As much as I know I should grab a dvd, my head is just hurting so I think I may just grab a band and do my strength training that way. 

Randomness: Is it weird that I am using my “mix-ins” for my Plain Fat Free Greek Yogurt instead of  my water? It is really tasty and I’m not sure I can deal with plain Greek yogurt. Also, the one thing I  asked my boss for when he went to Costco…anybody care to guess?? Yep, I asked him to get my some Cheerios! Woot! I will keep my measuring cup handy so I’m not going completely crazy with them.

Day 3 (yesterday) of the 100 Day No Excuses Personal Challenge

I’m really trying to find a balance on the Simply Filling plan. I can’t honestly say that I have been following Simple Start to a “T” because I found that some of the things that I would like to have that were suggested in our meeting like Cheerios were not really on the list. Cheerios have seemingly become my go to snack when I need a little crunch and don’t have any freggies on hand that don’t require cooking. I know the red light probably just went on. Please know that I am planning my meals and I keep sugar free/natural applesauce on hand, as well as some frozen Green Giant veggies and have been bring fat free Greek yogurt with me as a snack as well. Just sometimes I need a little crunch. I do put them in 1 cup bags (Ziploc Snack bags are the perfect size). We are supposed to warm up a little later in the week and I’m excited because I planned a little (okay, maybe not so little) Greek salad for myself. Although the Simple Start recipe calls for Fat Free Feta, I couldn’t find any so I bought the reduced fat and I may put an Kalamata olive or two on there. I plan on using oil and vinegar to dress my salad. I have to admit that I did struggle with myself a little bit last night. I didn’t get any time on my upper/lower body cycle while at work. Even though the roads weren’t horrible, I decided not to go to the gym. I walked/danced around for 20 or so minutes to try to get myself in the mood to do something and then decided that wasn’t sufficient for me to call exercise. I pulled out a Leslie Sansone 2 Mile DVD and walked with Leslie. Not allowing for any excuses, I didn’t even allow myself to change out of the clothes I’d worn to work or even change shoes. I was simply concerned that I would wind up in my bedtime clothes and/or slippers and not do what I knew I needed to do. I did use a few more PointsPlus than I should have yesterday, but I’m okay with it. I used a total of 12 instead of 7. I found out after I'd started eating it that one of the applesauces that I brought was not "Free", but instead cost me PointsPlus. I’m really trying to pay more attention today so that I don’t make that a habit. I am proud of the fact that I didn’t allow myself an excuse, but instead I just “did it”. On tap for today? Probably another DVD since I plan on some strength training today as well.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Friend Makin’ Mondays: Let’s talk movies...Responses

1. What is your all time favorite movie? Hmm…I am a great fan of Sense & Sensibility and of some of the old black and whites…The Desk Set, Shop Around the Corner. 2. Who is your favorite actor and actress? I really enjoy watching Leonardo DiCaprio recently, as for actress, that is a little harder for me. I think Julia Roberts. 3. What is the first movie you ever saw at the cinema? I honestly cannot remember, but I do remember taking my oldest son (when he was very young) to see Backdraft. 4. Did you watch The Oscars last night? Unfortunately, I did not. We don’t have cable or antennae so I did not watch it. 5. How many of the Best Picture nominations did you watch and which did you enjoy the most? Honestly, I’m not sure we saw any of them. We tried, but were not successful. 6. What did you think of Ellen hosting The Oscars? I am hearing all sorts of things from last night, but I think she is an awesome host. 7. If you had the chance to play a part in any movie, what would it be? This one would definitely take some thought…I’m not much on acting. 8. Is there a movie you have watched that was so bad that you have either walked out of the cinema or turned it off? I guess that would have been a movie from last year…District 9, but I toughed it out for my husband. 9. What do you think of 3D and IMAX movies? Are they worth the extra money? It depends on the movie. Some of them (Alice in Wonderland/Inception) were totally worth the extra money for me. 10. What was the last movie you saw at the cinema? I think the last movie I saw was with my DH and it was Mandela.

Day 2 of 100 Day No Excuses Personal Challenge

Yesterday? Well, honestly, I have really realized that weekends are hard for me. I think it is the lack of schedule. We had such a nice day on Saturday for things to turn completely on Sunday and we were under a winter weather advisory. We quickly got our grocery errands taken care of and headed home for the rest of the day. I did drink some hot tea instead of my normal hot chocolate when the weather is cold. I am thankful that I found some hot tea that I like and can drink without sugar. It is much easier for me when I have my routine to fall back on. I am still trying to adjust to the Simple Start/Simply Filling Plan. I am still tracking because I feel better doing so, but I am feeling more and more comfortable with it each passing day. Although Mother Nature seems to be trying to thwart my workout plans…little did she know that I had a backup plan with some DVDs in the event that the bad weather struck. If anyone of my WW friends has some suggestions for snack foods, I’d appreciate the help. I know I could simply have a fruit or a veggie, but I like to have more protein with it. It helps keep me fuller longer.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 1 of 100 Day No Excuses Challenge

Honestly, I can't say yesterday was the best day ever, but I don't think I did too bad considering I am allowing for the human factor as well.  DH and I did buy some new teas for me to try which I hope will help curb the craving for sweets.  We bought a Red Velvet Cupcake tea and a Chocolate Covered Strawberry tea.  I also have a Chocolate Mint Truffle tea that is awesome!  

I did sort of splurge at dinner.  To be honest, we went to the gun range and even if I had packed a snack, I wouldn't have felt comfortable trying to eat it because my hands were dirty from reloading magazines, etc.  I wound up having a Taqueria style chicken quesadilla.  I didn't have nearly enough fruits and veggies, but I did mostly stay within my PointsPlus for the day.  Breakfast was a 2 egg sandwich with fat free cheese on a sandwich thin and a banana, which is all free under Weight Watchers Simply Filling plan.  Oh and let's not forget my coffee, which was 0 PointsPlus because I only use a tablespoon of the coconut milk creamer and coffee is 0 PointsPlus.  Lunch was a chopped turkey salad from Subway, which is also allowable.

DH and I walked to Subway with the dogs to get our lunch.  It was a nice day for a walk because it got up to 80, I think.  Today is another story because it will only be in the 30's today.

DH and I sat down to figure out our meal plan and what we needed to get at the grocery store.  I feel good about this week. I have a meal plan in place and an exercise plan and a back up exercise plan in the event that I need it.  I am determined to make some headway during this challenge.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Responses to Friend Makin’ Mondays: Randomly Getting to Know YouGood morning everyone...a few days late. :-)

1. Introduce yourself in under 10 words. Texan, and mom of 3.

2. How did you find Friend Makin Mondays? I don’t remember how I found Kenlie’s blog, but that’s how I found Friend Makin Monday.

3. Have you ever met any of your blog readers? I don’t have too many readers at the moment, so other than my best friend, no, I have not..

4. How many states have you visited? I won’t really include the ones from when I was little bitty because I honestly can’t remember the trips, just being told about them. I have been to Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Arkansas, and that’s all I can remember right now.

5. What did you have for lunch yesterday? Yogurt. I had dental work done on Tuesday and my mouth was still sore.

6. How many different places have you lived in? I was born and raised in Denison, Texas and now live in Richardson, Texas. I was in Kissimmee, Florida for 3 months while going to school, but can you really count that since I was in a dorm??

7. What’s your favorite color? GREEN, it has always been green. 

8. Do you have any pets? Three at the moment, a puppy my son brought home (I’ve been calling him Freddy, but my husband has different ideas), a schnauzer/terrier mix named Daisy and a Bichon named Beaux.

9. What would your ideal job be? I do enjoy baking and making things from scratch so that would be amazing, but I do enjoy being a legal assistant as well.

10. Do you have any tattoos? No, I do not.

My Personal 100 Day Challenge...and have you ever??

Okay, so I'm going to start with the have you ever part... Have you ever realized how reliant that you get on other things to give you feedback? The laptop computer that my Spark Activity Tracker and FitBit are connected to is basically dying. So I have not had access to my activity trackers because they can't sync if the computer isn't on. I told my husband this morning that we are moving them tonight because I can't take it. I feel like it is pointless for me to walk if I'm not getting "credit" for it which is ridiculous because my body knows the difference. The things you realize, right? 

After some research, this is what I have decided for my 100 Day No Excuses Challenge: It will go from March 1, 2014 to June 9, 2014. My goal is to lose between 14 and 28 pounds. Notice I am sticking to a 1 to 2 pound loss per week. Focus on eating less processed foods/eating cleaner. Working out 15 minutes per day, at least, 5 days per week. I will shoot to have an "active" rest for the other two days of the week. I want to hit at least one workout class per week and incorporate some stength training in there. Also, I want to find a healthy way to deal with my emotions instead of letting my mood eat my food. I have not decided whether I will follow the PointsPlus or Simply Filling plan yet, but I will be sticking with one of the WW plans. 

Here's the kicker, March is my birthday month. To that end, I am not going to make excuses, but will allow myself to be human. I can have a "splurge", whether it be a piece of cake or milkshake, a burger or whatever, but if I can focus on the above for most of the time, I think my goals are absolutely attainable. What do I hope to accomplish by this? I am hoping that I can form some healthier habits and kickstart myself back in the right direction. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I weigh in tonight so I should be able to post a "Starting Weight" after tonight. 

UPDATE: Starting Weight is: 189.2.  Goal by the end of this challenge is to be between 175.2 and 161.2. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pondering 100 day challenge...

I was down 0.8 at weigh in at my Weight Watchers meeting on Thursday.  I have been feeling recently like I am not really working the plan, but just going through the motions.  I will say in the spirit of honesty that I have been really nervous about trying the new Simple Start plan.  Since I have really begun tracking, I feel like I need to continue that trend.  I have made the decision that I have to give it a whirl.  I feel like if I don't that I will ultimately regret it because I will have that "what if I did it and it worked??" feeling.  I owe it to myself to try.  If I don't like it or don't do well, I can honestly say I tried.  If it does work, then I've only lost weight...and how is that a bad thing?

So, I have been seeing many people post about their different variations of the 100 day challenge.  A lot are very inspirational.  I am thinking of my own variation.  I am thinking of a No Excuses 100 day challenge.  I will not lie, challenges are sometimes hard for me to keep up with, but I feel like if this one is self imposed, that it may be a little different.  I have requested assistance from my family.  I haven't decided all the perimeters thus far, but I'm thinking that I will try to follow the Weight Watcher plan (whether it is counting PointsPlus or Simply Filling after Simple Start), working out at least 3 times per week, if I get more, that's a bonus.  Here's the thing, my birthday is coming up at the end of next month, but I have the momentum now to do this.  I am thinking I just do it anyway.  This is a lifestyle change, not a "diet" and I'm going to have celebrations along the way.  My friend at WW, Carla managed to lose even during her birthday week.  I think I can totally do this.  Anyone want to join me?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Change starts now...

Well, actually, it started yesterday.  I made the decision not to go weigh in on Thursday because I had had fun (NOT) sliding home from work a couple of hours earlier.  Since I knew I really needed to see what was going on, I went yesterday morning.  Can I say I have been 100% on plan? No, not really.  But per the official scale, I was 2.6 pounds down.  As I was checking out FB, I noticed that some friends of mine had posted their workouts and it really made me realize that I have been making excuses for myself not to workout.  I do realize that all the workout DVDs or planning in the world isn't going to help me if I don't do it.  So I got up yesterday and did my 5 Really Big Miles DVD (it's Leslie Sansone in case you were wondering) and burned some calories as well as got some toning in as well.  I felt much better once it was done.  Today I headed to the Nia class at Move Studio that my friend Jan was substituting.  I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed Nia until a few weeks ago.

I think I have been struggling, in part, because I have an irrational fear going on.  Just to give some back story, I was raped when I was younger and being a child of divorce, and having an on and off relationship with my dad, I have a hard time especially.  I have found a wonderful man that I chose to marry.  I wouldn't trade him for anything, but I have this fear (I know it's irrational.  Didn't I say that already?) that our relationship will change and not for the better.  I have talked to my DH about this and have realized that he will love me and support me no matter where I am in this journey to my healthier self.  Our relationship will change whether I lose weight or not because it is the nature of being married/in a relationship.  I was successful when my DH and I were still dating.  I am determined to take control of my future (with a little help from above) and work towards being a healthier version of me.  Off to plan my workouts for the week. :-)  It's time to make it happen.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Feeling Frustrated...

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It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything.  Honestly, I have been feeling my motivation wane.  Of late, I have been doing some soul searching.  I know what I need to do, but I have been lax on doing some of it.  However, just when I was getting seriously frustrated with counting every little thing and making sure that it is logged, I received an email that I drafted before the first of the year from Futureme.  It reminded me that my focus was on the smaller changes.  While I may feel like I'm spinning my wheels at the moment, I know that if I work the program, I will be successful.  In the past, I have lost almost 50 pounds, but I gained it back when life got in the way.  Life is not always going to be perfect, but I know I can do this again.  One step at a time by making lifestyle changes.  I can control my own destiny when it comes to this weight loss journey. 

Having said all that, I think I am going to try the new Simple Start program, especially since I am having difficulties with my food tracking of late.  Perhaps I should try this and see if it will help me get past this feeling of frustration.  So when I do the shopping, I will make sure I get things that are on the program or on Simply Filling.  Anyone else have experience with this program?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!  I, for one, am thankful that the holiday season has come and gone simply because some of the sweets were definitely causing me problems staying OP.  So far this week, it has been pretty good.  I have logged all my food (whether I liked it or not) and am not sure what to expect tomorrow on the scale, but I have to say that I am proud of my efforts.  Dinner meal plan was done on Sunday or Saturday, I honestly don't remember.  I have been eating sandwiches with veggies this week.  It helps keep me on track.  I am determined to make this my year. I am taking it back to basics and making small changes.  It may not sound like much right now, but those little changes add up to big changes.  

I got a new tracker to help me on my way...I purchased the Spark Activity Tracker.  Although I love my FitBit, it is a little worse for the wear and it is actually cutting into my stomach.  I have been wearing both for the time being so I can adjust and see the differences between the two.  I haven't really decided yet where my preference lies.  

I am focusing on meal planning right now with the family.  We may not set the day we are going to have something, but we write down 6 or 7 meals so we know what we are going to have and purchase the necessary ingredients.  This is helping our budget as well.  I look at what is on sale and try to plan accordingly.  Tonight I fixed Chicken Pot Pie.  It is a super easy recipe that I found on and then added canned potatoes to it.  It works for my family.  Original recipe can be found here:

Here is my big goal/resolution for 2014.  This will be my year to hit my goal.  With a few minor changes and some effort on my part, I can totally do this.  This mama has to take care of herself in order to take care of everyone else in her life.   I will check back to let everyone know how the weigh in went tomorrow.  Have a great night! :-)